The worst tips for preventing rape ever!

Most of us can probably relate to some of these horrible rape prevention tips that David Cross so hilariously describes. These types of tips usually include a lot of Don'ts and Nos. Don't drink. Don't do drugs. Don't have sex. Just say no. While we get that it's important to be aware of your surroundings and not take random drinks from people, these types of tips are not helpful when the reality is that the only way to prevent rape is to NOT rape! It's not the fault of the victim if someone takes advantage or tries to coerce someone into something they don't want to do. So, yes, we need to look out for ourselves and for others so we can identify those who are at fault, but dressing a certain way or drinking is not the cause of rape. Rapists are! Let's start pointing the finger in the right direction.

Does it sometimes feel like a written contract is the only way to ensure sexual consent?

It seems like everyday there is a new story about sexual assault on college campuses, and it can sometimes make us wonder if the only way to ensure sexual consent was obtained is through a signed contract signed by both parties! The reality is that we've found that most college students believe that communicating openly with a sexual partner and being upfront is important. But sometimes the communication can get blurry, especially when you're caught up in the moment or alcohol and/or drugs are in the mix. If you're ever even slightly doubting your own desires or the desires of someone else, take a minute to talk it out. And if the other person tries to give you shit about wanting to take a minute to talk, then it's 100% appropriate to bounce out of there! They don't deserve your sweet loving anyway!

It takes courage for anyone to enter the bizarre world of dating.

It takes courage for anyone of any gender and sexual identity to ask someone else on a date, because the fear of rejection is real! It's one of the things we are most scared of as human beings - in fact, we're biologically wired to be terrified of it! Here are some witty do's and don'ts for asking someone out, because let's be honest -  we could all use a little extra help. 

Nothing good ever comes from a blackout!

Have you ever experienced a blackout from drinking? Some college students report experiencing one even after only a few drinks. The peer pressure to be able to "hold your alcohol" in college can sometimes influence how much and how fast we drink. Here are some realistic tips for ways to reduce the likelihood of the dreaded blackout and the dreaded hangover that often follows and how they happen in the first place!