How many college students report having bad sexual experiences while in college?

Out of 505 college students anonymously surveyed by Define Your Line, almost 40% said  that they have had a sexual encounter they regretted while in college. A fourth of college women reported experiencing sexual assault while in college (Note: this survey did not include questions about male or trans students as victims but we plan to include this in future surveys).

It's important to note that experiencing sexual assault and regretting a sexual encounter is not necessarily the same thing. You can regret having bad sex, but as long as you affirmatively consented to all aspects of the sexual encounter, it's not sexual assault. Sexual assault (also sometimes called "rape" or "sexual misconduct") has occurred when consent was not obtained/given by one of the parties involved in the sexual encounter. 

Now, these numbers aren't far off from the percentages reported by other studies (with some variations dependent upon the study's research methodology), but it is still not okay! You should only have sex when you feel comfortable and are ready. And no one should ever pressure you into doing anything you don't want to! 

Below is how the question measuring sexual assault victimization was asked. Each number below is the percentage of female college students who reported "yes" to having experienced the corresponding description. 

Q: While enrolled as a student, has a male student ever fondled, kissed, or sexually touched you without your consent by doing any of the following?

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