We asked University of Missouri-St. Louis students to answer questions about sex and communication. Here is how they responded.

Define Your Line has partnered with students and staff at University of Missouri-St. Louis to see what UMSL students think are the best ways to communicate with current or prospective romantic partners. Below are some initial responses!

If you are a UMSL student, look for us around campus so you can tell us what questions you have or respond to questions posed by other students. You can also submit your questions here on this site. 

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All infographics created by UMSL student and Campaign Media Administrator, Jamie Vergano. 

Q: How do you say no to sex if you are not ready?

Q: How do you ask someone about their sexuality?

Q: Is it best to just ask someone upfront if he/she wants to have sex?

Q: When does texting someone become harassment?

Q: Why don't guys just straight up ask a girl if she wants to have sex?

Q: How important is sex to women and men?

UMSL student Jamie Vergano responds to the following questions:

Below are responses from college students at other schools AS WELL. 

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